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Such as: Opaque  series  SFF  Frits  Frits series 
Company profile
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Shandong panson ceramic S&T Co.,Ltd is a rising new star in ceramic industry of china, which is located in Zongjia Industrial
Park, Sub-district,Zouping County,Binzhou City,Shandong Province. It’s very close to Jiqing highway. We initiate people-oriented
humanized management and advance improvement with technology innovation. We research and innovate high-end product
through team work and are in the leading position in the same industry.

Our company has very strong R&D and sales team, modern production line, advanced QC system. We absorb the essence of
production from domestic or abroad. We strictly follow the spirit of ISO system. Our products
enjoy good reputation with stability
and reasonable price in domestic market, and abroad as well.

We are always ready to work with our customers in long term and with strategic cooperation.